Convocast – Episode 17 (Andy)

Andy Talking … It’s Convocast 17!

In this episode, Andy answers John’s’ question about what writing tools he uses in his (personal) work. Andy asks and answers a new question – what is your take on “learning to code”? I am including several links on this topic:

Jeff Atwood – Please Don’t Learn To Code

Jeff Atwood – Learning To Code Is Overrated

Hadi Partovi – Computer Science is Foundational (TED Talk)

Ali Partovi – Learning to Code is Not Just for Coders (TED Talk)

Code.Org – Description/goals of the organization

Hour of Code – Resources to teach basics of coding within an hour

Finally, I include a link to a post about wildfires in Western Oregon (close to my house!)…

Convocast – Episode 015 (Andy)

In this episode, Andy answers the question from episode 14 (have I ever thought about writing a newsletter?) and asks/answers this question: what is the balance of free and paid online services you are using, and how is that working for you? Andy also talks about some new equipment and a new website.

Links: – Paying for the development of software

B&H Photo – Page on Andy’s new microphone (Saramonic USB microphone) – new web site by Andy with short videos on learning how to use Org Mode within the Emacs text editor.

Convocast – Episode 012 (John)

John Talking … It’s Convocast 12!

I think this is a record time response. I only got the confirmation from Andy about Convocast 11 being available 15 minutes ago! Definitely a whole lot quicker than usual …. and improved sound.

Also – hot off the press. Courtesy of …. a full transcript, with keyword tags and ability to hop directly into the relevant parts of the convocast. Continue reading “Convocast – Episode 012 (John)”