Convocast – Episode 003 (Andy)

Andy Talking … It’s Convocast 3!

‘Show Notes’ for Episode 3 of The Convocast – enjoy!

Today’s topic – Importance of sharing what you know with others, and doing it from your own domain, but still being able to share with other social media

Blogging – one way to do that

Twitter – lots of people post on Twitter, but their posts disappear off the timeline and are pretty difficult to find again

A Twitter user I follow posts excellent links and nuggets of information, but if I don’t blog about it or save a link to the post, it’s gone

What do I have to share?

Sacha Chua – No Excuses Blogging and (can also view presentation at and can download PDF version there if you have a LinkedIn account)

Sharing your learning

Stephen Downes – How To Be Heard

Setting up a RSS reader with your interests and use that flow of information to fuel your writing

Sean McCabe – 62 Topic Ideas

Podcast, PDF linked from blog post

Collection of prompts (work, passion, process, stories, news)

Me – My post on writing in general (mentions Harold Jarche and Dave Winer narrating work)

Learning new things and sharing/helping others

How to share with others from your site?

Webmentions protocol and Bridgy Web service

Webmentions – A way to respond to posts on other sites (post a reply/comment on your site, comment is broadcast to the other site (if it supports Webmention protocol)

Chris Aldrich has a terrific explainer on webmentions ( )


Editor Aaron Parecki has a tutorial on creating your first webmention ( )

I have a early video on installing the Webmention plugin for WordPress

Bridgy connects your web site to social media.
Likes, retweets, mentions, cross-posting

Supports Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Github, Mastadon from the About page, talks about being able to post to other social media sites using Webmention


Chris Aldrich presentation to his WordPress blog and reposted to Twitter

Chris Aldrich replies on his site

Call for questions from listeners on this episode

Question for John Philpin

How does the concept of cooperatives or worker-owned business fit into the People First framework? Is it something that could be applied across the economy, or is it better for certain types of industries? Would like to hear your thoughts on that topic, have included some recent links for context.

Cleveland Model: How Evergreen Cooperatives Are Building Community Wealth

The Preston Model: How Preston in the UK Takes Lessons from Cleveland

Mondragon Cooperatives

Looking at Mondragon Through a Critical Lens

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8John is very pleased with himself at one level having replied to Andy’s Convocast 7 in less than a week … a matter of days even … and yet he still manages to mess it up … Here4:58John
7Andy highlights some of the issue he and others like him are facing in the Aerospace industry and asks John what he see as being different.Here6:06Andy
6Finally, John once more puts lips to microphone and answers Andy’s questions … after he waxes lyrical over Andy’s last Convocast. Seriously … go listen to Convocast 5 and find out how Andy has spent his life.Here6:00John
5Andy summarized his career to date in (ideally) the space industry – but sometimes the aerospace industry. FASCINATING. He then asks John a waldo question!!Here10:21Andy
4John expands a little more on cooperatives – their Rochdale genesis and how they tie into his People First initiative. He finally gets round to asking Andy a question. He wants to know more about his career – and just how did he end up being a rocket science.Here4:24John
3Andy goes ahead anyway and provides a very detailed summary of his work in and around IndieWeb, highlights a couple of books he has written and in the show notes provides an absolute pile of links to IndieWeb resources. He ends by asking John about Cooperatives.Here7:32Andy
2John provides an overview of himself and how he came to be here – and then concludes by failing to ask Andy a question at the end.Here4:02John
1Where Andy introduced the concept of Convocasts in general and specifically what this one is about.Here2:20Andy
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