Convocast – Episode 004 (John)

John Talking … It’s Convocast 4!

‘Show Notes’ for Episode 4 of The Convocast – enjoy!

Not too many today. It has taken me a lot longer than I would like to produce Episode 4, mainly because ‘noise’. With an unexpected quiet opportunity, I just riffed and building the notes on the back.

That said, one thing that I think is important is that we provide a link to Convocast3 because Andy delivered a veritable cornucopia of links and reference points that you could well find useful if you are involved or getting involved in the Indie Web movement.

So – here you go – Convocast 3

Andy also had a question for me – he also provided another set of links that I will come back to at another time. But the essential question was …

How does the concept of cooperatives or worker-owned business fit into the People First framework? Is it something that could be applied across the economy, or is it better for certain types of industries?

Andy Sylvester

And of course, the answer is yes, yes and yes. In fairness – in the recording itself I did not get into how it applies to the economy in general and whether it works better or worse in different industries – bug, BIG subject … but I did reference briefly DigLife.

DigLife can be found here. They deliver something that they call CAAS – Cooperation As A Service that any organization can use and benefit from. I am a founding member and would be happy to introduce people into the system.

As for the other parts of the question. Another time. But here are a couple of links to the main People First spaces.

Web Site


Meanwhile – my question for Andy.

I know that you work in thr Aerospace industry – would love to hear more about THAT. Have you written books on your experiences? Will you? Tell is about your life in that industry that probably most of us know about – but actually – we probably don’t.

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7Andy highlights some of the issue he and others like him are facing in the Aerospace industry and asks John what he see as being different.Here6:06Andy
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5Andy summarized his career to date in (ideally) the space industry – but sometimes the aerospace industry. FASCINATING. He then asks John a waldo question!!Here10:21Andy
4John expands a little more on cooperatives – their Rochdale genesis and how they tie into his People First initiative. He finally gets round to asking Andy a question. He wants to know more about his career – and just how did he end up being a rocket science.Here4:24John
3Andy goes ahead anyway and provides a very detailed summary of his work in and around IndieWeb, highlights a couple of books he has written and in the show notes provides an absolute pile of links to IndieWeb resources. He ends by asking John about Cooperatives.Here7:32Andy
2John provides an overview of himself and how he came to be here – and then concludes by failing to ask Andy a question at the end.Here4:02John
1Where Andy introduced the concept of Convocasts in general and specifically what this one is about.Here2:20Andy
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