Convocast – Episode 012 (John)

John Talking … It’s Convocast 12!

I think this is a record time response. I only got the confirmation from Andy about Convocast 11 being available 15 minutes ago! Definitely a whole lot quicker than usual …. and improved sound.

Also – hot off the press. Courtesy of …. a full transcript, with keyword tags and ability to hop directly into the relevant parts of the convocast.

‘Transcription of Convocast 12

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, wherever you are, and wherever you are in the world, this is John Philpin Convocast Episode 12 responding to Andy, I think this might be in record time. I got notification of Convocast 11, about four minutes ago. So hopefully now I get to stay on the team!

The really nice couple of spots you described there got my mind thinking because I’m going to answer your question pretty quickly. One of the things that you did was jog my memory with rail trips. Back in the day, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead and a whole bunch of other guys – in fact there’s a movie about it – did a rail trip across the Rockies through Canada. And that has always been on my mind as a trip to do. I don’t do many rail trips, but I do like them when I do them. So that is one one trip. I’d like to do. No, not busting out of where I am anytime soon that is absolutely for sure. So I am here for a while.

But other places that are kind of on my list is that a long time getting back to the UK, the UK kind of is sitting there as now that I’m not having to turn up to work on a daily basis for things. You really good to go to the UK and spend six months looking at the UK from scratch as somebody who hasn’t been there properly for a while I go to York, I go to London, that’s about it. But somebody who just goes there and says, Let’s look around to see the castles of Northumberland, of the castles of Wales and down to the mines in Cornwall and up to Hadrian’s Wall and through the fens of Norfolk, etc, etc. Kind of a little bit of a revisit. I’ve been to all of these places in the past, but this is a good few years. I’m going to say 35 years or so since I really properly investigated places like that. So that in fact was high on my list until well, until certain changes came along earlier this year. So that’s not on the list for now.

But rail trips definitely are that Canadian one is in my mind. But I think I might end up doing one just here. We’ll see. I don’t really know yet. Anyway, that’s it from me. Except of course, I do have to ask Andy a question.

And I’ve got an unusual one for him this time. So we’ve been going through COVID. And if you’re like me, Andy, you’ve watched a few TV shows and a few TV movies and everybody says, you know, what, what should I watch next? That’s not my question. I want to ask you, what ones should I avoid? What have you watched recently that you think, oh, my goodness. Never, ever bother with this?

And I’m going to actually answer my own question first. Let’s see what it spawns. I happen to be an Apple TV channel watcher. And definitely like what they do. So I tried ‘Defending Jacob’. And at the end of Episode One, I thought gawd .. this is going slow. But we’ll stay with it because it’s Apple. We got to Episode Three. Oh my god like watching paint dry! After Episode Four – went to bed. The next day, decided that we knew how it ended so didn’t bother with Episodes five, six and seven and jumped straight into episode eight saying that we’d go back and watch five six and seven. If anything in episode eight isn’t exactly what we predicted, with no twists and no turns. We sped through episode eight just trying to get to the point. Absolutely beautiful cinematography Don’t get me wrong. Lovely cinematography, very moody. But storyline. Oh, my goodness. So that’s the answer to my question this week.v

But Andy, what’s the show that I should avoid that you’ve seen recently? Thanks to everybody. I’m closing this down now and getting this posted back in record time. Goodbye for now.

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