Convocast – Episode 001 (Andy)

Andy Talking … It’s Convocast 1!

‘Show Notes’ for Episode 1 of Convocast – enjoy!

  • Introduction
  • Name
    ** Convocast
  • My bio
    ** BS Aerospace Engineering
    ** Worked in the space industry for Lockheed Martin and NASA
    ** Worked in the aero industry for Rockwell Collins, now Collins Aerospace
    ** Written articles for and MacTech Magazine
    ** Self-published three books (2 on the Kindle Store)
  • *** Building Browser Apps for Google Chrome
  • *** How to Set up An Ubuntu Server on Amazon Web Services
  • *** Microblogging: History, Practices, and Tools
    ** Interested in programming technology
    *** Taught myself web programming skills (HTML, Javascript)
    *** Built websites by hand, then using tools like Frontier
    *** Personal website uses WordPress, but have used other blogging tools
    **** 1999, MyWord Editor, Hugo
    *** Taught myself Node.js, have several Node apps running on Digital Ocean
    *** Created screencasts for various applications (River 4, Federated Wiki)
  • Podcast Goals
    ** Want to explore doing a podcast in an asynchronous way
    *** Inspired by recent voicemailcasts of Dave Winer and Doc Searls
    ** Would like to explore the uses of technology to improve our lives
    *** Communication
    *** Knowledge capture/knowledge management
    *** Taking back ownership of our data (IndieWeb movement, other tools)

The Convocast Index ….

8John is very pleased with himself at one level having replied to Andy’s Convocast 7 in less than a week … a matter of days even … and yet he still manages to mess it up … Here4:58John
7Andy highlights some of the issue he and others like him are facing in the Aerospace industry and asks John what he see as being different.Here6:06Andy
6Finally, John once more puts lips to microphone and answers Andy’s questions … after he waxes lyrical over Andy’s last Convocast. Seriously … go listen to Convocast 5 and find out how Andy has spent his life.Here6:00John
5Andy summarized his career to date in (ideally) the space industry – but sometimes the aerospace industry. FASCINATING. He then asks John a waldo question!!Here10:21Andy
4John expands a little more on cooperatives – their Rochdale genesis and how they tie into his People First initiative. He finally gets round to asking Andy a question. He wants to know more about his career – and just how did he end up being a rocket science.Here4:24John
3Andy goes ahead anyway and provides a very detailed summary of his work in and around IndieWeb, highlights a couple of books he has written and in the show notes provides an absolute pile of links to IndieWeb resources. He ends by asking John about Cooperatives.Here7:32Andy
2John provides an overview of himself and how he came to be here – and then concludes by failing to ask Andy a question at the end.Here4:02John
1Where Andy introduced the concept of Convocasts in general and specifically what this one is about.Here2:20Andy
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